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Felecia Spivey

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  • 13+ yrs. Certified Notary Public
  • 11+ yrs. State Licensed Financial & Insurance Professional
  • E&O Insured
  • NNA Member
  • RON Certified
  • Trained Immigration Forms Specialist
  • Mobile Exam Proctor
  • Apostille Services

Duly Appointed and Unbiased Services

I am a duly appointed and unbiased notary public in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I have over 13 years of experience in the official fraud-deterrent process of notarization that assures all parties of a transaction that a document is authentic, and can be trusted.

In fact, impartiality is the foundation of a Notary’s public trust. Over the years, I have established a "notary's creed" that includes a three-part process:

  • vetting
  • certifying and
  • accurate record-keeping. of all notarial acts.

This three-part process involves all services of notarization of legal documents through such platforms as:

  • Remote Online Notarization (RON) or virtual notarial acts
  • E-Sign/E-Notary/IPEN
  • Mobile Notary
  • In-Person
  • Immigration Forms Specialist
  • Mobile Exam Proctor
  • Apostille Services

These platforms are for the purpose of financial, legal, and business notarial acts such as real estate or mortgage closings, loan modification, property deeds, birth certificates, divorce, and pre-nuptial agreements.


Call 1-800-331-0665 today to schedule a notary service or book an appointment online.

Virginia State Commissioned Notary

In my tenure as a Notary Public, my seal of approval is more than a clerical function. My seal protects you against fraud. I ensure that all of your documents are in good standing order. How? The three-part vetting process is the key function of my business which is to be certain that the person appearing before the notary is who that person claims to be.

My experience has afforded me access to state attorney generals notarizing affidivats, real estate contracts, foreign embassy notarizations, acknowledgements, memorandums of understanding, construction and loan agreements, vendors, and your most basic notarial acts.

When you find yourself in need of a notarized letter or any other service requiring a notary, I can help you get exactly what you need. From executorships and advanced directives to administering oaths, affirmations, apostille services, and more. The presence of my seal gives a notarized document considerable weight in legal matters and renders it genuine on its face as evidence in a court of law. I dot all I's and cross all T's.


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Feb 7, 2021

Just perfect. Cannot recommend enough! 

Feb 7, 2021

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